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Kipling Tours specialise in tailor-made trips for schools and colleges with a focus on curriculum-based educational themes. We design our tours in consultation with you and your school so that your learning objectives can be fully met. Our team have extensive experience of our destinations and will work closely with you to design the perfect itinerary and which meets your budget.  As well as educational programmes we also organise choir and performing tours for both schools and adult groups to wide range of international destinations.

Our Thematic Programmes

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  • Art Tours

    Our main art tours visit Paris, Barcelona and New York but we can tailor make a tour to any destination...

  • History Tours

    Our history trips go to a variety of European destinations including Paris, Berlin & Russia. We also visit the USA...

  • Geography Tours

    On our geography trips you could be exploring the geothermal wonders of Iceland, discovering glaciation in Switzerland, hiking through the...

  • Religious Studies

    Our Religious Studies tours visit an eclectic range of countries. The favourite European destination is Rome where we can explore...

  • Classics Tours

    Our classics tours focus on Italy and Greece, with an emphasis on studying classical antiquity

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Why travel with us?

  • Friendly & Expert Advice
    Our team have a wealth of travel experience and in-depth country knowledge of all the destinations we operate to. When you contact us, whether by phone or email, you can be sure that you will receive knowledgeable advice and guidance which will help steer you through the process of developing and launching your tour.

  • Great Tailor-Made Itineraries
    We never offer you off-the-shelf itineraries. Each travel programme we operate is developed in close consultation with you so that it delivers the educational content and benefits needed by your school. To maintain our high standards we dedicate part of each year to inspecting our travel destinations to ensure we are up-to-date with the last trends and learning options.

  • We support you throughout the process
    It can be a daunting prospect launching a tour in your school and we will provide you with all the support you need, from powerpoints and colour posters to school visits and presentations to students and parents.

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