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Bay of Naples Geography Tour

The region around the city of Naples which lies in the shadow of Vesuvius is one of the most geologically active in Europe. Complemented by the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi coast, this is a superb tour for your students.

Here are more details of an example tour itinerary as a starting point, but at Kipling Tours, we can tailor-make any itinerary just for you.

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  • Day 1

    Fly to Naples

    Today you depart from London for your flight to Naples where on arrival you are met by your private coach and begin with an excursion to Pozzuoli, one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres. The Anfiteatro Flavio is one of the oldest amphitheatres in Italy, built under Nero and Vespasian from AD 69-79. During the persecutions of Diocletian in AD 305, it was the site of martyrdom for many Christians. You can explore the tunnels and chambers underneath, where the gladiators once awaited their next fights alongside caged wild beasts.

    Although not open to the public, you can view the Temple of Serapide, the market place of the city in the first century. Marked by three standing columns and a ring of column stubs, these columns were subsequently submerged by rising sea levels. The lower sections of columns were buried under the mud of the sea floor and hence are smooth. Above this the next six feet were underwater, hence the pockmarks left by shell fish. Above this the remainder were above sea level and are thus smooth.

    You then transfer to your hotel in the beautiful hilltop town of Sorrento. Sorrento is an idyllic town and provides some of the most stunning coastal views in Europe. On arrival you will check-in to your hotel where dinner will be this evening.

  • Day 2

    Vesuvius & Herculaneum

    This morning you start with an exciting hike to the summit of Vesuvius in the company of a specialist local volcanology guide. The main road detours from Pompeii and you follow a rougher track to gravel car parking area. From here, it's a steep 30-minute hike to the desolate, lunar-like summit. Standing next to the crater's edge you may see steaming vents, a reminder that while Vesuvius is quiet today, it is just taking a geological nap. The last eruption was in 1944, and it is only a matter of when, not if, it will erupt again. You can hike around the crater rim and get some spectacular views of Naples and the Bay. At the base of the volcano your guide will take you to the lower slopes of Mount Vesuvius where you visit a winery and vineyard. The soil here is formed from volcanic ash and ground down pieces of lava. The ash contains valuable minerals while the lava acts as a sponge to retain what small amount of precipitation falls here, releasing it slowly during the dry summers. Consequently the vineyard requires no artificial irrigation for its vines.

    In the early afternoon you travel to Herculaneum where you can explore the ruins of the city which was destroyed in the same cataclysm which ungulfed Pompeii. Although smaller than Pompeii, the modest scale resulst in an increased feeling of intimacy and you can really begin to understand what it was like for the people who lived in this small fishing town before it was engulfed by a devastating pyroclastic flow. Herculaneum has its origins in ancient Greece, being named after the Greek hero Heracles.
    In the late afternoon you return to your hotel in Sorrento for dinner.

  • Day 3

    Campi Flegrei & Pompeii

    You commence today with an excursion to the geographical sites of the Phlegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei in Italian). This is a large super-volcano area which has been in the news recently, comprising an 8-mile-wide caldera located on the western outskirts of Naples and the Gulf of Pozzuoli. A durable volcanic sandstone called tuff is found in the Campi Flegrei geothermal zone. Tuff is rock composed of compressed and compacted volcanic ash that is sent out in an eruption, and in this location it has earned its own name - "Neopolitan Yellow Tuff. You will be able to see cinder cones, tuff rings and calderas that have been periodically active over the past 39,000 years at which time it erupted in the largest volcanic event in Europe in the past 200,000 years. The ground at Campi Flegrei has risen by almost 40cm in the past10 years which is attributed to the rising pressure of the vast underground magma chamber, leading scientists to conclude that an eruption is becoming more likely. There are abundant signs of active magma chambers in the forms of solfataras, warm springs, gas emissions and so forth.

    After lunch you head to the famous Roman ruins at Pompeii, which give a fascinating glimpse into Roman life. In 79 AD, the fury of Vesuvius was unleashed upon this prosperous city, killing many of its inhabitants and burying it under a thick layer of pumice and ash. Today, the excavations reveal the ruins of the city’s amphitheatres, forum, baths, streets and splendid houses, some with their elaborate frescoes still visible. One of these mosaic frescoes famously bears the Latin phrase ‘Cave Canem’ meaning ‘Beware of the Dog’, reminding us that these were people like ourselves whose lives were ordinary until the cataclysmic eruption.

    You return to your hotel Sorrento for dinner.

  • Day 4

    Amalfi Coast

    Today you depart from Sorrento to explore the beautiful Amalfi Coastline on the south of the Sorrento peninsular. The journey has to be done in smaller minibuses due to restrictions on coach sizes as you wend your way along Italy's most scenic stretch of coastline. Pastel-hued villages lie terraced into the hillsides while spectacular roads hug the cliffs and coastline, with new vistas continually opening up, with delightful coves and beaches. The region’s towns have captivated artists and writers as diverse as Richard Wagner and Tennessee Williams, for generations. Positano itself is a tight cluster of pastel houses. It is one of Italy’s most fashionable towns, frequented by honeymooners and celebrities alike. This afternoon after lunch you continue to Naples airport for your homeward flight.

Prices start from

£595 for a 4 day tour

Half board basis based on flights with Easyjet.  We include local guides, all admissions and local transfers by private coach

includes flights

  • Hotel Zi Teresa

    Delightful 3 star hotel with swimming pool in Sorrento

    Located in Sorrento, the Hotel Zi Teresa is the perfect base to discover the archeological and geological wonders of the Bay of Naples and the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi coast.

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