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School Trips to Washington DC

The political hub of the United States lies in Washington DC where the giants of American history stare down at you from vast marble monuments –  Lincoln, Jefferson and Ulysses Grant.

A trip to Washington DC can also be combined with a visit to some of the key Civil War sites including Gettysburg, or you can travel north via Philadelphia and have a night or two in New York. For those interested in colonial history and its link with England, there is nowhere better than Williamsburg Virginia. Named in honour of William of Orange, King of England in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Williamsburg was a key player in the Revolutionary War against the British.

Sample Itineraries

Here are more details of an example tour itinerary as a starting point, but at Kipling Tours, we can tailor-make any itinerary just for you.

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  • from £1089 per person 5 days includes flights view full trip >

    American History & Politics

    The breadth of history study in Washington DC stretches from the earliest years of the United States, from when the British colonial rule was thrown off, through the War of 1815, when the British burnt the White House to the ground, and the Civil War of 1861-65 when Union forces fought the Confederacy to prevent secession.

    • The White House
    • Congress
    • Ford Theatre
  • from £1395 per person 7 days includes flights view full trip >

    American Colonial History and Civil War

    This tour explores over 250 years of history of America from the earliest settlers in Virginia, through the Colonial period and the War of Independence, right the way through to the 1860's and the Civil War between the Union and Confederacy. You visit the fascinating area around Colonial Williamsburg as well as a number of important Civil War sites including Gettysburg, Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    • Gettysburg
    • Colonial Williamsburg
    • Washington DC