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School Trips to Thailand

Thailand is often referred to as the Land of a 1000 smiles.  It has been an extremely popular tourist destination for years, due to its warm weather, sandy white beaches, welcoming people, and of course it’s delicious world-class cuisine. Thailand is an ideal destination for your schools Religious Studies tour, with 95% of the population practising the Theravada branch of Buddhism, although Thai Buddhism is practiced alongside Chinese indigenous religions by the large number of Thais of Chinese heritage. There is also a small Hindu community.

When in Bangkok, experience this fast moving and ultramodern city, and visit the Kings Palace, and see the majestic sleeping Golden Buddha at Wat Po. In the North of the country lies the ancient capital city of Chiang Mai which is surrounded by mountains and lush countryside.  In central Thailand, visitors can see some of the best preserved Khmer Rouge ruins and temples around Sukhothai and Phitsanulok. Just north of Bangkok visitors can see the giant Buddha statue at Ayutthaya which is quite breath-taking. We can even arrange a visit to the famous Bridge of the River Kwai located in Kanchanaburi, which offers an interesting historical perspective linked to the second world war. Thailand will leave you with unforgettable and joyful memories and is an ideal tour destination to visit when considering your educational tour to South East Asia.


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    Thailand Religious Studies Tour

    Although known for its stunning beaches and holiday islands, Thailand is an excellent destination in which to study Buddhism. The capital, Bangkok, is home to many spectacular temples and the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO world heritage site dating from the fourteenth century.

    • Temples of Bangkok
    • Ayutthaya
    • Ko Chang Island