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History Trips

Our history trips focus on the current curriculum and visit key European cities including Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Curriculum studies focus very much on the WW2 period and the Russian Revolution and our main tours reflect this. Berlin is one of the most popular destinations for history departments and our tours cover both the WW2 period and the Cold War era which followed. In the south of Germany we can visit Munich and Nuremburg, two cities which were crucial in the rise of the Nazi party. Russia‘s turbulent history can be seen in Moscow where we see the Kremlin and Lenin’s mausoleum, but also in St. Petersburg where the Tsars ruled and where the 1917 Revolution began.

American history can be followed all the way back from the early colonial period and the Jamestown settlers, right the way through to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 60s.  Along the way we can examine the tensions leading up to the Boston Tea Party, the subsequent War of Independence fought with French help against the British, and the Civil War, when the Confederate States under General Lee came within a whisker of defeating the Yankees.

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  • from £469 per person 4 days includes flights view full trip >

    Berlin History Tour

    Our Berlin History Tour examines both war time and post-war Berlin. We can visit the former East German Stasi HQ and the Wannsee House where the Final Solution conference took place in 1942. The division of the city during the Cold War is also examined at Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial..

    • Berlin Wall
    • Wannsee Villa
    • Stasi HQ
  • from £1095 per person 6 days includes flights view full trip >

    Moscow & St. Petersburg

    Russia's two most important cities, which are connected by rail, can easily be combined in one fascinating tour. Both cities have something different to offer. Moscow is the brash and cosmopolitan capital with gilded onion domed churches and the majesty of the Kremlin. St. Petersburg is refined and genteel, the Venice of the North with its network of canals.

    • Red Sqare
    • The Kremlin
    • The Hermitage
  • from £295 per person 4 days excludes flights view full trip >

    WW1 Battlefields Tour to Flanders

    This is the perfect tour to gain and insight and understanding of the events of WW1. The city of Ypres was on the front line and of course nearby Passchedaele saw some of the heaviest fighting of the entire conflict. When not at the front line, the British could recuperate at the famous Talbot House hotel in Poperinge which still welcomes visitors today.

    • Tyne Cot
    • Passchendaele Museum
    • Menin Gate
  • from £1089 per person 5 days includes flights view full trip >

    American History & Politics

    The breadth of history study in Washington DC stretches from the earliest years of the United States, from when the British colonial rule was thrown off, through the War of 1815, when the British burnt the White House to the ground, and the Civil War of 1861-65 when Union forces fought the Confederacy to prevent secession.

    • The White House
    • Congress
    • Ford Theatre
  • from £1395 per person 7 days includes flights view full trip >

    American Colonial History and Civil War

    This tour explores over 250 years of history of America from the earliest settlers in Virginia, through the Colonial period and the War of Independence, right the way through to the 1860's and the Civil War between the Union and Confederacy. You visit the fascinating area around Colonial Williamsburg as well as a number of important Civil War sites including Gettysburg, Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    • Gettysburg
    • Colonial Williamsburg
    • Washington DC